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The Beauty of Feeling Greek (Greek Language Edition) (Greek Edition)
Dr. Sam Chekwas writes about his everyday encounter with Greeks and the culture of the Hellenes; a gift to mankind. Product details Publisher : Paedeia Educational Publications (January 20, 2004) Paperback : 186 pages ISBN-13 : 9781592329007
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Γιάννης Αντετοκούνμπο: Γράφοντας Ιστορία - Giannis Adetokumbo, Making History (Greek edition)
Ζωή σαν μυθιστόρημα, με το σύμπαν να συνωμοτεί για να επιτευχθεί το ακατόρθωτο, είναι η ζωή του Γιάννη Αντετοκούνμπο!Τι πιθανότητες υπάρχουν ο γιος μεταναστών από τη Νιγηρία να αναδειχθεί δύο φορές MVP, μόλις στα μισά της τρίτης δεκαετίας της ζωής...
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The chapters in this book contain some of the proudest moments for an athlete, as well as the dark moments. I share with you my story of striving to achieve a dream of mine, making it to the NFL and...
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Amiri Baraka: The Voice of a People (bilingual English - Greek)
Amiri Baraka was the voice of his people. For over four decades he advocated and defended the rights of a people to exist within the American oppressive system. Product details Publisher : Salonica Press (September 1, 2014) Paperback : 42 pages ISBN-13...
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