True Story

ISBN: 9780758287724

Supplier: Kensington -Teen

A college girl is caught between a beautiful future and tender memories of the past in this YA urban romance novel by the author of Shortie Like Mine.

Freshman year at Stiles University had eighteen-year-old Seven McKnight in a tug of war for her heart. And her sophomore year promised more of the same. She'd sworn off her ex-boyfriend, Josiah Whitaker and moved on with her new guy, Zaire St. James. But then Josiah boldly stepped back into her life—as tempting as ever.

Caught off guard and thrust into a whirlwind of emotion, Seven no longer knows if she should stay or go. All she knows is that old feelings won't die, her new love is being ruined by lies, and the fairy tale she once dreamed of may never come true.

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