The Son of Mr. Suleman

ISBN: 9781524745233

Named in USA Today's "5 books not to miss", and New York Post's "The best new books to read"

From New York Times best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey - named one of USA Today’s 100 Black Novelists and Fiction Authors You Should Read - comes his final work: an unflinchingly timely novel about history, hearts, and family.

It’s the summer of 2019, and Professor Pi Suleman is a Black man from Memphis with a lot to endure - not only as a Black man in Trump’s America but in his hard-earned career as an adjunct professor. Pi is constantly forced to bite his tongue in the face of one of his tenured colleague’s prejudices and microaggressions. At the same time, he’s being blackmailed by a powerful professor who threatens to claim he has assaulted her, when in fact the truth is just the opposite, trapping him in a he-said-she-said with a White woman that, in this society, Pi knows he will never win.

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