The Safe House

ISBN: 9781496720030

Packed with "high suspense" and "memorable choices and consequences" (Booklist), Kiki Swinson's novels sizzle with brutally unpredictable characters, breakneck plotting - and a uniquely gritty portrait of Southern life. Now she breaks all the rules as a young woman with two targets on her back tries to keep those she loves - and herself - alive....

Run for cover 

It was supposed to be easy money. A few exchanges for cash, one big payoff, and then life would be better than ever with bills all paid and money in her pocket. But the plan fell apart and now she's made an enemy. He's a drug cartel leader out to destroy any competition - and get payback by any means necessary.... 

Play for time 

Under federal protection, she's only steps ahead as the cartel leader starts killing off her family and friends. When he kidnaps a relative and demands her in exchange, she and a desperate DEA agent work a bold switch to nail him. But the fallout is disastrous-and deadly....

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