The God Particle

By: Slmn
ISBN: 9780999639085
A strong...tale of operatic moral corrosion.-Kirkus Reviews on Gods & Gangsters

"A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.”

Three stories are woven into a single haunting tale of revenge in The God Particle. Nothing is as it seems. Even the order of the telling cannot be trusted as each new tale adds a level of understanding to what went before. And like any god, capable of seeing fragments of it all at once, these stories come out of chronological order, offering flashes of understanding through the intersections of fury and vengeance, until they finally come together in a single staggering conclusion. Hitwomen Egypt & Asia & Persia arrive at an apartment to retrieve a briefcase for their boss.  Who will be the last woman standing? Warning: there will be blood.  
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