The Confessions of Nat Turner

ISBN: 1592326013

The late insurrection in Southampton has greatly excited the public mind, and led to a thousand idle, exaggerated and mischievous reports. It is the first instance in our history of an open rebellion of the slaves, and attended with such atrocious circumstances of cruelty and destruction, as could not fail to leave a deep impression, not only upon the minds of the community where this fearful tragedy was wrought, but throughout every portion of our country, in which this population is to be found.

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  • Publisher : African Tree Press (April 2, 2015)
  • Language: : English
  • Paperback : 34 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1592326013
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1592326013
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  • Dimensions : 5.5 x 0.09 x 8.5 inches
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