The Appraisal

ISBN: 9781645562283

A woman who prides herself on being the perfect fidelity bait - who will seal the deal for an additional price - finds herself enmeshed in a sensual scenario that she can't afford to lose....

How important is it to know your man's worth? For Jayla Morgan, it's more than just a question, it's a business. As a "Heart Appraiser", she is paid to bait unsuspecting partners to determine their loyalty. Sex is nothing more than a premium service, and having mastered the art of deception, Jayla takes "seductress" to a completely new level. Her slogan is an attribute to her success: You can hook any man. You just need the right bait. But being the perfect bait puts her in a dangerous position. The death threats are terrifying, but so is her increasing interest in a new friend, Derrick Lewis. He is irresistible in more ways than one, and Jayla can't deny their blazing attraction. However, when Jayla's stack of twisted lies and scandalous exploits are exposed, the results are an orgasmic infusion of love and drama beyond her wildest dreams.

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