Still Breathing: 100 Black Voices on Racism--100 Ways to Change the Narrative

ISBN: 9780310126737

‘A timely book and a conversation starter on race in Britain.’ Rachel Edwards, Author of Darling and Lucky

‘A timely book in a year that has made clear that Britain still has a very long way to go towards becoming the model of racial equality it aims to be.’ Kenya Hunt

‘Powerful and sometimes painful testimonies but they also provide uplifting and enriching experiences.’ Stephen Bourne

‘I'm so proud to hold this book in my hand. We are here in all our richness.’ Adjoa Andoh, Actor, Director

‘This book is such a moving read for everyone of all ages and races.’ Colin Jackson, CBE

‘A reinforcement of evocative truths that hurt and sting deeply but also empower tremendously.’ Sharon Duncan-Brewster

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