ISBN: 1592217230

There has been a long tradition of interaction between the two powerful institutions of religion and politics. While the relationship between the two is complex and sometimes confusing even for scholars, great religious and political movements have emerged and charismatic leaders have employed religious values to achieve their political goals. The lack of clearly defined roles for the interaction between religion and politics constitutes a major problem in modern African nations. This is particularly so in Nigeria, where religion is deeply interwoven into the fabric of the society. Since the beginning of the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, efforts have been made to sever religion from politics in the Western world. In Nigeria, however, religion has increasingly gained more ground in politics because successive governments intervene and participate in religious activities. The essays in this book represent diverse perspectives on the intersection of religion and politics. From the pre-colonial times to modern experiences, the essays reveal both the complexity and dynamism of religion in African/Nigerian politics. They show the (mis)appropriation of religion for political and personal purposes. Major consequences have been crises and acts of violence. The essays are both descriptive and prescriptive. They focus on how ethnicity and religion are used to achieve political ends. They also address the role of religious associations in politics and how religion is utilized in the justice system. Of particular note in this volume are the essays that offer the perspectives of African women scholars. Religion in Politics: Secularism and National Integration in Modern Nigeria offers a comprehensive and intellectual approach to the study of religion and politics in Nigeria from the precolonial to modern times. Professor Adekunle has made a bold and an original attempt to promote a scholarly appreciation of Nigerian history. The scope of this volume, which contains original, well-written and well-organized essays, goes beyond the author s choice of a specific geopolitical area in presenting the interface of religion and politics. Students of African history, religion, culture, as well as international politics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will find this book very useful. This book is a pertinent contribution to recent and emerging scholarship on African/Nigerian religious and political history, as well as to the field of global studies. Biodun J. Ogundayo, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Bradford Campus, PA.

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  • Publisher : Africa World Press, Inc. (September 25, 2009)
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  • ISBN-10 : 1592217230
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