Quotable Quotes from Nigeria

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INTRODUCTION What is a quotation? A quotation is a saying or piece of writing that strikes readers as so true or so memorable that they use it in their own speech or illustration. The word ?quotable? means ?worth quoting? or ?fit for quoting.? The title Nigerian Quotable Quotes: therefore, represents these memorable pieces of writing, by Nigerians, that are worth quoting, for the pleasure and enjoyment of those reading the collection. One of the commonest reasons for consulting a book of quotations is to find out who said what, when, where. One of the many pleasures also, people derive from quotations is that one may stumble or come upon a thought of which one approves, but which one has not been able to express clearly. The thought is brilliantly expressed, sometimes with humor, bitterness, tenderness, and may be found to be satisfying. Readers are comforted by one assurance, and that is the fact that they are not alone and that, others famous and respected, have expressed the same thought. Where a quotation can also be categorized as a wise saying, it brings delight. The quotations in this book are the result of years of research, and have been edited for grammar, punctuation, or spelling, without altering the meanings of the original passages. I have included more than four hundred entries, each equipped with the source, including the name of the person responsible for the quotation, the title of the publication in which it appeared and the date of publication. The book contains a wealth of thoughts, listing the quotations in alphabetical order by broad subjects. The numbers given to the individual quotations appear in the Index of Contributors (Appendix II). The sources are Nigerian. The contributors are Nigerians. Readers will find different types of quotations here; there are motivational quotations, quotations on freedom and justice, education, quotations which gives inspirational, quotations on lessons from life, love, friendships, and many others. 

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