Price of Loyalty

ISBN: 9781692478124
Camillio Jones takes over his hood drug trade as soon as he comes home from prison but that’s only the beginning of his plan. His buy from us or hide from us campaign has the streets shook when his unlawful family soldiers are let loose. Bodies began dropping and the name unlawful family and Camillio Jones is sending fear throughout the city of Atlanta. Camillio Jones has laid down the law that if it’s not unlawful family work then it’s not being sold in the city, period point blank and his UF soldiers are enforcing the law. No one is exempt, not even his own family members.The feds are tipped off by a snitch who fears Camillio Jones and the unlawful family and they begin investigating, but when the snitch is found dead along with an informant who Camillio’s been dealing with the feds turn up the heat and send in a undercover agent to infiltrate the infamous unlawful family Kim Baker a.k.a Chanel whose a DEA agent find herself falling in love with Camillio Jones after she’s sent in undercover. She’s providing valuable information that leads to the arrest of Camillio’s right hand man Trey who becomes a snitch and implicate Camillio Jones as the leader of the unlawful family.Camillio Jones is connected to a Mexican boss,
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