Philly Girl: Carl Weber Presents

ISBN: 9781645562580
Philadelphia's kingpin is a queen with a tragic past, this is her story of survival and strength from the beginning...

Just as every superhero has an origin story, so does every drug dealer who holds the title "kingpin."
Before all of the hood fame, fancy cars, nice clothes, lavish homes, luxurious vacations, and loads of money, Sarita Powell had to go through the mud. She experienced the heartbreak of her mother's death when she was a little girl; pain from the abuse she endured at the hands of the very person she'd hoped would keep her safe; and confusion about the many family secrets and lies that one day would show their ugly face. It wasn't until all of these hardships were behind her that Sarita found herself in a position of power, strength, and respect. She is the woman she never imagined she could become.
This is the origin of a true dope girl who took Philadelphia by storm in the period of one summer.
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