LIFTING THE VEIL OVER EUROCENTRISM: The Du Boisian Hermeneutic of Double Consciousness

ISBN: 1592219578

Lifting the Veil over Eurocentrism: The Du Boisian Hermeneutic of Double Consciousness, informed by W. E. B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk, Darkwater and Dusk of Dawn) is a Du Boisian critical analysis of Eurocentrism and its global and grave influences over the socio-marginalized, namely people of African descent and people of color. As a result, wherever Eurocentrism takes hold, a collective worldview and hermeneutic emerges and makes the Du Boisian hermeneutic of double consciousness a pan African invention. Joseph Evans artfully captures the brilliance and beauty of the African American woman, armored with a deep love for culture, people, and self, as she utilizes the African American hermeneutic process from behind the veil to reject the oppressor and give birth to a womanist worldview that creates a unique triple consciousness, which she effectively and holistically employs to navigate greater liberation for her people, intimacy with her lover, and peace for her soul. Dr. Leah Fitchue President, Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, Ohio "Evans gift here cultivates Lifting the Veil beyond even its own title. He extends a hermeneutic that unravels the veil of marginalization of black life the veil that blinds and binds black life under the distorted lens of inferiority that Eurocentric culture not only created, but relies upon still. Evans re-establishes a paradigm shift away from gazing to perceiving the construction and function of Pan-African double-consciousness. Evans clarifies how this lens is multi-focal through the intertextuality and signification of sacred rhetoric, song, and dance in the sociopolitical, psychosocial, and aesthetically black theo-ethic-centric meta-narratives for black life, biblical interpretation, and preaching itself. Evans calls for prophetic seers, and offers quite a discerning vision in kind!" Dale P. Andrews, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Homiletics, Social Justice, and Practical Theology, The Divinity School & Graduate Department of Religion, Vanderbilt University, Nashville Joseph Norman Evans is a thoughtful biblical scholar with exceptional insights and depth of understanding that few can match Dr. T. Vaughn Walker, Senior Pastor of First Gethsemane Baptist Church, WMU Professor of Christian Ministries (1996) and Professor of Black Church Studies (1986), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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  • Publisher : Africa World Press, Inc.; First edition (January 24, 2014)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 208 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1592219578
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1592219575
  • Item Weight : 9.7 ounces
  • Dimensions : 8.54 x 0.67 x 5.59 inches
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