ISBN: 1592218318

This Kinande/Konzo-English dictionary has the following features: A Preface by Mgr Sikuli Paluku Melchisedech of the Nande diocese A brief grammatical sketch of Kinande It gives more information on potential entries not included in the dictionary; e.g., on the passive, the causative, other verbal extensions, the auxiliary; it also includes a table of tense-aspectual-mood markers and main phonological and morphological processes such as ATR harmony, penultimate lengthening, reduplication, and the ite inflection. A map of the Nande and Konzo area The dictionary proper: More than 7150 lexical entries with their roots and underlying tonal representations More than 3400 English-Kinande words in the index In the appendices: more than 240 phrasal expressions (ehisimo n emisyo) a paper on personal names of the Nande a section on medicinal plants that includes -terminology of medicinal herbs known by the Nande -terminology of diseases in Kinande -treatment of certain diseases with medicinal plants Elements of Kinande culture through a sample of pictures (which can be viewed on the Afranaph website). Additional notes on the Nande/Konzo from a Konzo perspective A paper on the Bakonzo traditional beliefs in medical and curative values derived from herbs by Stanley Baluku

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  • Publisher : Africa World Press; First edition (June 3, 2011)
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  • ISBN-10 : 1592218318
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1592218318
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