Jack Boyz N Da Bronx 2

ISBN: 9781955270274

Supplier: Lock Down Publications

KAZZY and his crew face a huge challenge trying to maintain their stranglehold on the drug trade in South Bronx. BIG BLAZER and his shooters are coming for the throne, and these boys aren't playing any games. It's murder, murder and more murder when the guns come out.

With LIL K and his gang running the streets wild, beefing with any and everybody, while on a bloodthirsty mission to become the Kings of New York, will there be anyone left to wear the crown after the bullets stop flying?

Meanwhile, GLOCK's older brother DOLLAR is hell-bent on finding out who killed his lil bro. Will he be led to the killers? Or will he be led to his own death? With the JACK BOYZ N DA BRONX murking everything moving, the Burroughs have never been more deadly, as the fight for supremacy threatens to wipe out entire crews.

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