Jack Boyz N Da Bronx

ISBN: 9781955270045
KNIGHT and KAZZY are robbing everything moving, including drug dealers and killers. Soon after pulling off a major lick, the two most infamous JACK BOYZ N DA BRONX find themselves beefing with a dangerous crew of of hustlers from the notorious Soundview projects.

When Knight takes a trip to VA to chase after a bigger bag, leaving Kazzy to hold things down in NY, things go haywire. With the Bronx in an uproar and bodies dropping like flies, will Knight be able to return home in time to put things back in order? Or has the murderous drama gotten too far out of hand to reign back in?

Meanwhile, there's another crew in the city who's making a name for themselves. Besides jacking dope boys, this new gang of robbers could be coming after Knight. Who is behind this formidable opposition? Will they respect Knight's gangsta? Or will they turn out to be the death of him?
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