Graphimata: The Collected Writings

ISBN: 1592325254

Giorgos Heimonas is widely recognized in Greece and abroad as a major force in post-modern Greek writing. While a few of his works have hitherto appeared translated into several European languages, the publication of the full range of his work in Robert Crist’s Eng-lish translation is a pioneering event. Heimonas’s narratives are famous for their dynamic appeal – their amazing originality, unique style, psychological depth, and poetic power, as well as their impact on readers' feelings and challenge their interpretive capacity. Heimonas’s unique, emo-tionally-charged narratives reach full development in the major phase from Doctor Ineo-tis to The Builders. While his early and last writings (Pisistratus, My Journeys & The Enemy of the Poet) contain strong elements of realism, the major period turns to a new mode of lan-guage. The style of the texts is neither fiction or poetry in a traditional sense. It is a disrupted language with elements of dream and myth, the lyrical, the philosophical, and depth psychology. It is an original language in every sense of the word – a search for origins, for revisions and new beginnings. Above all, the writer inspires readers to discover renewed resources of insight and feeling in themselves, in literary art, and in in the larger world of human experi-ence. Pisistratus (1960) shows the young medical student in alternating chapters – comic or touching events of life in the city, on the one hand, and on the other, his relationship with his troubled, gifted companion, Pisistratus, who represents his creative self. In The Excur-sion (1964), the nightmare narrative presents the protagonist’s troubled effort to find a place in the fields of medicine and literature. The figures G. and T. in Mythstory (1966) represent the both the divided self struggling for integration and the conflict between self and world. Doctor Ineotis (1971) shows the youthful writer’s breakthrough into the depths of self and creativity, and The Wedding (1974) celebrates the bonding of the mind and art, self and other – themes elaborated in The Brother (1975). The Builders (1979) suggests, mankind’s resistance to the regenerating power of art but also its potential triumph. The final works (My Journeys, and The Enemy of the Poet, 1984-1990) treat, among other themes, the hero’s medical residency at the University of Paris, his relationship with the Poe-like figure, Dr. Chain, and the moving

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