ISBN: 0865438749

These bible essays are based on the theology of Black Christian Nationalism and the Teachings and Philosophies developed by the late Reverend Albert B. Cleage, Jr., Father of Black Theology and author of "The Black Messiah" and "Black Christian Nationalism: New Directions for the Black Church.

Cardinal Monifa Imarogbe earned a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Elementary Education and is currently a doctoral candidate majoring in teacher education. She has studied under Reverend Albert B. Cleage, Jr. for more than twenty-five years.

1. The Quest
2. Do Little Christians Lost on a Merry-Go-Round of Confusion
3. The Inner Struggle
4. The Black Man's Search for God
5. Opening Our Energy Channels
6. Utilizing the Creative Energy of God
7. The Covenant Faith
8. Maintaining A Compatible Relationship with God
9. Love: The Greatest Commandment
10. I Believe in Jesus Christ
11. Vision of a New World
12.Resurrecting the Mission
13. What Do You Stand For?
14. We are Building a Temple for God
15. The Vision of a Promised Land
16. Beulah Land: God's Promised Land
17. The Birth of a Superior People
18. We Share a Sacred Trust
19. Communalism: The Choice of the Righteous

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