Drama High: The Fight

By: Divine, L
ISBN: 9780758216335

Supplier: Kensington -Teen

Brimming with the same spirited sense of style and magic as Disney's That's So RavenDrama High introduces a fun, brazen new series featuring a young sistah who's learning that life in the `hood is nothing compared to life in high school . . .

Proudly hailing from Compton, USA, sixteen–year–old Jayd Jackson is no stranger to drive–by shootings or run–ins with the friendly neighborhood crackhead. Street–smart, book–smart, and life–smart, she's nobody's fool—least of all KJ's, the most popular and cutest basketball jock at South Bay High, aka Drama High. Yes, it's a fact, Jayd fell hard for his player ways for a time, but now that KJ's shown his true colors—dumping Jayd because she refused to give up the cookies—she's through with him and his game playing for good.

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