Drama High: Street Soldiers

By: Divine, L
ISBN: 9780985736804

Supplier: Ebb & Flow Publications/L. Divine, Inc.

At South Bay High, the drama just keeps on growing...In the long-awaited 15th volume of the Drama High series, StreetSoldiers picks up with a murder in front of Jayd?s grandparents' house. Mama and Daddy are convinced the police have the wrong suspect in custody and have joined forces to help organize the neighborhood and find the real killer. Mickey's ex-boyfriend has been arrested for the gruesome act, which is more like their wicked next-door neighbor, Esmeralda, and her shape-shifting boyfriend, Rousseau's handiwork. And to make matters worse, Esmeralda's influence in the community is growing stronger every day, and so are the powers of her top apprentices and Jayd's best frenemies, Misty and Emilio. With two of Jayd's closest friends, Mickey and Nigel at war over the custody of Mickey's daughter, Jayd's ex-boyfriend, Rah going back to hisex-girlfriend, Trish without Jayd's knowledge, and having to witnessher most recent love, Jeremy pretend to date her newest enemy,Cameron, Jayd's had just about all the drama she can take and it'sonly the beginning of their senior year. Keenan, her new collegecoffee buddy, is the only one who can take her mind off of her chaoticlife. Jayd decides that it's time to make some changes and get rid ofanyone-and anything-holding her back.

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