Dope Boy Magic 2: Rise of an Empire

ISBN: 9781951081690
TIPTON finds himself in a struggle to withstand the betrayal of his best friend. Greed and envy has reared its ugly head, causing a serious threat to the Dope Boy Magic that has the crew on an meteoric rise in the game. Bonds could be broken and blood must be shed in order to right the wrong, but the opposition won't fold.Death awaits the young, hungry, and streetwise d-boy, as he learns that game will only last so long. Along the way, secrets will unfold and cause pain to burn as hard in Tipton's chest as the fires of Hell.Will Tipton mastermind his operation, and reach a level that his mother failed to ascend to? Or will his ruthless childhood enemy bring down Tipton's empire and exalt over his dead body in victory.
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