Disrespectfully Yours

ISBN: 9781645561811
Do you remember your first love? Meagan will never forget hers because he held an important role in her life that should have prevented them from coming together as one. There were so many reasons for her and William not to be together, such as their twenty-one-year age difference. Tragedy took the lives of those who would stand in their way, and Meagan was happy that it had—at first. Those people, who had taught her the deadly game and opened Pandora’s Box at an early age, were the ones who sent her into William’s arms; yet it was his constant cheating and physical abuse that would send her into the arms of many others.
Now that she’s unhappily married, Meagan searches for love through a cougar’s eyes, and she thinks she may have found it in Devin, a man young enough to be her own child. But her husband’s sneaky moves are in the way. It takes her limousine driver, Angelo, to open her eyes to the immediate danger that she is in. He accidentally stumbles across a past that neither of them knew about or is ready to acknowledge.
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