Denim Diaries 2: Grown in Sixty Seconds: Denim Diaries 2: Grown in Sixty Seconds

ISBN: 9781933967721

Supplier: Urban Renaissance

After 17-year-olds Patrice and DeMario spend one intimate yet careless night together, they find themselves anticipating the birth of their first child. Unfortunately, their excitement is not all that it could be because their two best friends are not around to share in their joy.
Estranged from Denim after a heated argument, Patrice battles with bouts of depression as she struggles through a difficult pregnancy. DeMario is feeling alienated after the mysterious disappearance of his friend André and the stress of finding a job to support his family. Isolated and alone, even more pressure is added when the young couple finds out that Patrice and their unborn child could be facing life-threatening complications.

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