Caught Up In A Dope Boy's Love

By: Reign
ISBN: 9781543137071
Megan Jones is your normal chick, who's enjoying her life. With her head on straight and focusing on becoming a doctor, she feels life is going the exact way it's suppose to until she meets Jaquan. After running into Megan, Jaquan knows that he has to have her and is willing to do anything to make that so. When he finally gets his shot, he's determined to make sure he keeps the gem that is Megan until temptation comes in and he loses focus. As their relationship grows, so does the secrets they harbor. When unforeseen events occur and snakes begin to pop up, the relationship they once deemed perfect is rocked at the core. With life hitting them at every angle, betrayal coming from the ones dearest her, Megan starts to realize just how much she's caught up in a dope's boy love. The only thing is, is it worth it or is there someone better for her...
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