Blacks and Science Volume One: Ancient Egyptian Contributions to Science and Technology AND The Mysterious Sciences of the Great Pyramid (Volume 1)

ISBN: 1489578277

Information on Black scientists and inventors is becoming more readily available to the general public and this is a welcome development. However, information specifically on the scientific and technological contributions of the Ancient Egyptians is not as readily available as one might think. Great books and essays have been written on the topic but many authors have pitched their works above the level of the ordinary reader. Other papers are in difficult-to-find journals and collections. Some writers, in an attempt to bring greater prestige to twentieth century European and European American science, dismiss all ancient science as superstition and error. They emphasize what the Ancient Egyptians did not know as opposed to what they did know. In this book, Blacks and Science Volume One, I bring the information together in one place. I write positively about what the Ancient Egyptians achieved and do not waste ink on what they did not achieve. Finally I present the information in as straightforward and accessible a way as possible. Should you read this book and learn the information: * You will gain a greater mastery over Black or African History * Your knowledge will be the envy of your friends and family * Learning your historical contributions will skyrocket your confidence and esteem * Your interest in all areas of human culture will dramatically increase * You will have a vast reserve of information to pass on to your children This book is largely a synthesis of my previously published Kindle e-books Ancient Egyptian Contributions to Science and Technology combined with The Mysterious Sciences of the Great Pyramid. The feedback I received from these e-books was positive, but many people asked me if was possible to turn these lecture essays into physical books. After all, not everybody possesses a Kindle! My response was to produce this book Blacks and Science Volume One. Very shortly, other volumes in this series will be issued. The first part of this book is a general introduction to the role played by the Ancient Egyptians in the origin and evolution of Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine & Surgery, Navigation & Cartography, Architecture, Construction and other areas that are more controversial. The second part of the book focuses on one monument--the Great Pyramid of Giza. In this section, I review the discussions and speculations of what the Ancient Egyptians probably knew about pi, phi, the Dimensions of the Earth, etcetera. Robin Walker

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  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 27, 2013)
  • Paperback : 126 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 9781489578273
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