Autumn: A Love Story

ISBN: 9781736670712

Supplier: Project 7 Publishing

Norian Love presents a gripping novel that explores the line between love and loyalty - a romance for the ages of star-crossed lovers faced with an impossible choice.

In the final year of pharmacy school, all of Tatum’s dreams are about to come true. As a single father, his hard work has finally put him in a position to build a life for his son and move on from his checkered past.  In a chance encounter, he meets Autumn, a charismatic, yet eccentric artist on the rebound of life.  The two form a friendship in pursuit of their respective dreams that erupts into an all-consuming love.  Yet as Tatum begins to embrace his future, he discovers you can’t outrun your past.

This sensually intimate and emotionally resonant novel will elicit both heart wrench and hope. If you are a fan of Zane, Ashley Antoinette, or Eric Jerome Dickey,  Autumn: A Love Story is a novel you don’t want to miss!

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