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Blacks and Religion Volume One: What did Africa contribute to the Origin of Religion? The Equinox and the Real Story behind Easter & Understanding the Book of the Dead
What is the world’s oldest religion? What is the true religion for Black people? What was Africa’s original religion? Early Africa and its religious heritage should be of interest to the people of modern Africa and the Black Diaspora. Divided...
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Blacks and Religion Volume Two: What did Black People contribute to the Origin and Evolution of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Indian Religions, and the New Religious Movements?
Religion can be a major source of conflict and controversy between individuals, peoples, nations and races. However, what all the major religions agree upon is their unified efforts to downplay, disregard, and remove the role of Black people from their...
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Blacks and Science Volume Three
Did YOU know that a camera invented by a Black astrophysicist was used during the Apollo 16 space mission to collect ultraviolet images photographed from the moon? In fact did you know any of the following facts? • An early...
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Blacks and Science Volume Two: West and East African Contributions to Science and Technology AND Intellectual Life and Legacy of Timbuktu
Blacks and Science Volume Two Did YOU know any of the following facts? o The Bamoun Kingdom, now in today’s Cameroon, has 7,000 surviving manuscripts in their own script o Timbuktu astronomers used the cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant...
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If you want to learn Early African History START HERE
What they had in common was that they were unsure of where to begin their reading and study but they still wanted to find out more information. This book was written to simplify that journey. As the author of When...
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The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street AND The Seven Key Empowerment Principles
Did you know that African Americans in Oklahoma created a ‘Negro Wall Street’ in the early 1910s? The Oklahoma city of Tulsa in 1921 had a Black hospital, a Black public library, 2 Black public schools, 2 Black newspapers, 2...
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